Restorative Dentistry / Dental Esthetics / Orthodontics / Implant prosthodontics / Periodontics

Restorative Dentistry

Dental fillings

Dental fillings are the bread and butter of dentistry. Dental lesions, caries, cavities, are prepared for consistency, cleaninf the affected áreas, and filled with base materials and tooth colored composite resin materials.

Dental Bridges

To rehabilitate dentitions, we provide all ceramic bridges, that are cemented to the adjacent teeth of the área missed, or are cemented to the implants previously placed.


A ceramic Crown is used to rehabilitate a tooth when fillings are not an option, after preparation and impresión making,, a dental technician will fabricate the unit that will be adjusted and cemented by a dentist.

Dental Esthetics

Dental bleaching

The removal of build up stains in the teeth, is called dental bleaching, carbamide proxide is used to eliminate them and get the right tone. Our way of treatment has got the more enthusiastic approval by our patients.


Dental veneres, are placed cemented to the front teeth, upper and lower, to provide the outmost of a beautiful smile. They mimic perfection, are made or new porcelain systems, and are considered for all ages.

Cosmetic dental surgery

Very delicate procedures are performed on your teeth to get harmonious resuslts on your gum appearance. Normally called mucogingival surgeries, we normally proceed with them when need to level the gum lines.


Young kids Orthodontics

Fixed appliances and fixed brackets to eliminate cross bytes, dental habits, work helping speech therapists, all the needs for kids and the growing up patient.

Adult Orthodontics

Dental malocclusion and malposition can be treated at all ages. It just needs a through maintenance of the gums by our hygienists, lower forces, and more time.

Clear Orthodontics / Invisalign

The treatment with clear removable appliances is one of the latest techniques in dentistry. It need more patient compliance as the may be removed, and may be used at all time and situations.

Implant prosthodontics

Fixed implant restorations

When the missing tooth ares is greater tan one space, we recommend to go for fixed restorations over implants, they are cemented or screwed to an abutment of the implant itself.

Combined implant prosthesis

Using four or more implants we may provide with a fixed anterior restoration, and removable posterior teeth, or a fully fixed cemented restoration.

Edentulous patients

All the fully edentulous patients mat Benefit of a change that may also change ther self steem.loose dentures may be a thing of the past thanks to the rehabilitation with implants.



Along their lives, the mayority of human beings will need some sort of periodontal treatment. Today, simple surgeries may lengthen their dentitions, even if they have had previous failing treatments. Get to know what we can do for you.

Dental hygiene

Clinica llobell answers the needs of our patients by a formal maintenance via certified hygienists, control, and sms. With the duration of a full hour per sessión, revised by our doctors at the end of session, we get more years of chewing satisfaction.

Periodontal surgery

Treatment of roots and tissues, bone augmentation, delayed eruption treatment, are some of the dental procedures performed at clinica llobell.

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Confianza al 100%. Gracias
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Cada vez que he necesitado de ellos siempre me han atendido muy bien. Y mirar que yo soy muy nerviosa, pero siempre me han sabido calmar.
Son muy buenos en su trabajo. Para mi los mejores!!!
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Le doy mi diez!
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Les tengo pánico a los dentistas y aunque continuo teniendo horror a ir a la clínica la paciencia y la profesionalidad del doctor Llobell hace que sea en la única clínica en que confío. Gracias son magníficos
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Grandísimos profesionales.
Consiguen que ir al dentista no te provoque pavor.
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Extremadamente profesional y satisfacción absoluta.


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